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When is the best time to backup? About 5 minutes before the loss.

I have worked with businesses, home based professionals, college students and just plain folks who all have one thing in common. They have all had data loss. From hardware failure, cyber-attack/viruses, loss/theft of a portable device or simply an oops moment. Loss of data means loss of business information, personal information such as pictures or tax files.

While I do my best in each of these situations, my first question is “Do you have a current backup?”

Yes, is the best answer but it is not normally the first answer I hear.

I would like to give you a short overview on backup which can minimize your risk of data loss.

There are simple ways to backup your data with no or low cost alternatives.

For computers, backup can mean simply copying your data to another storage device such as a USB flash drive. If you have a large amount of information, a USB hard drive may be needed. However, you need to choose what to copy and you need to have the discipline to do this regularly.

Another choice for computer users is to use a program to backup your data. You will need a sufficient sized device and setup/configure these when first installed and you are responsible for making sure the devices are attached (and turned on maybe) when the backup job starts.

Automatic, on-line backup products are another choice. Products like Carbonite™ and Mozy™ as well as others are available for backing up your data in the “cloud” using the Internet. It is automatic and runs in the background continuously once installed and configured.

For phones and tablets you may be able to copy your data like a computer above or you may backup to a “cloud” location. Depending on the device/carrier this may not be setup by default.

One other action I recommend is system imaging.

A system image is a snapshot of your computer which includes your operating system, applications, devices and drivers as well as user profiles including data.

A system recovery using a system image and your backup is faster and more complete than rebuilding from scratch.

Apple computers use a program called TimeMachine. PC’s use Backup & Restore. Both backup but in different manners. If you use/need both in the same location you will need to be aware of the differences.

Finally, after making your backup plan and executing it, be sure to verify it by doing a test recovery.

To discuss backup / recovery and other computer technology, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you

Matthew Casselman

ForTES Technology, LLC

708-805-3002 (text/mobile)

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